What is Recruitring?

Recruitring is AI powered candidate screening platform. Recruiters gather better screening data to share with hiring teams. It gives hiring manager additional information of the candidate and saves their time.

Saves Time

Your screening calls can be shared with hiring manager - they can listen it and decide whether they want to invest their time to do the next round of screening. (You are saving ~30 min of their per screening time)

More relevant

Your data and recordings are all behind a role based access. Helps you collaborate with right hiring team members.

Better screening

Until now, you as a recruiter talked to candidate and sent your summary to hiring manager. Now you can not only send the summary but also the actual recording with transcript.


We do one thing and only thing - but we do it well. Our focus is to make the best of that first call which you have with the candidate.


Here are few to begin with

01. Pay as you go

You pay for what you use - month on month. Stop anytime. No questions asked. You also get free screening credits to try out our platform.

02. No mic or external devices required

Your screening calls are done using your own phone. No training or registration required for the candidate. It's the same experience they get which they are used to.

03. Scalable and Global

Whether you do few screenings in a day or hundreds. We can handle that volume for you. Our platform is available across multiple geographies and languages.

04. Voice + Text

When you use Recruitring, you not only get a audio recording to share with hiring team but also AI powered text transcript with relevant areas highlighted for faster consumption.

05. Built for both in-house teams or external recruiters

Whether you are internal HR team or a vendor to source candidates, you both are responsible to save time of hiring managers and add value to their hiring process. Recruitring helps you achieve that.

06. ATS agnostic

You can use any application tracking system, our screening platform nicely augments to a standard ATS.

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