• Recruiting is an art. How can you automate it?

    We are not automating pre-screening call. Yes, recruitment is an art. We 100% agree. We are not replacing the recruiters or the pre-screening call they make. But, you wouldn't disagree to the fact that finding time of hiring manager is extremely difficult. Using, you can provide additional data to the hiring team to save their time.

  • How does Recruitring save time?

    Say you (recruiter) spoke to 20 candidates and liked 8. It will take minimum 45 min * 8 = 6 hours of hiring manager's time to pre-screen these 8 people. Instead, you can follow your pre-screening call with call and make these recordings available to Hiring manager. They can have a quick peek and eliminate 50% which they do not like.

  • How does Recruitring reduce overall hiring timeline?

    Let's assume, you currently require 3-6 weeks to complete your pre-screening calls. With Recruitring, you could gather pre-screening information from candidates in 1-2 days. You now have an option to filter some of them and only talk to those candidates which you + hiring team find appropriate.

  • Does it mean that a (recruiter/ hiring manager / sourcer) should never pre-screen the candidate?

    Not at all! Think about this way. What if, no candidate ever sent their resume and you had to talk to every single one of them? Can you imagine a world without resume? No! Right? It's a filter mechanism. Similarly, Recruitring is giving you a filter mechanism. Once you like the recorded answers of candidate, you can always schedule a follow-up call.

  • So, when should I (recruiter/ hiring manager/ sourcer) call the candidate for live pre-screening?

    We recommend to first use for the pre-screening call and then schedule the live call with the filtered candidates. This way it's optimal use of everyone's time. The other way could be for you to pre-screen followed by Recruitring call (in which you can ask initial questions provided by hiring manager).

  • I am a hiring manager and do not have a recruiter. Can I use it?

    Ofcourse. This platform is a productivity tool, especially for hiring managers. You should definitely give us a try!

Screening Questions

  • Who records the questions?

    You. You can ask as many questions as you like (we recommend between 4-6).

  • Do I need any setup/ equipment to record the questions?

    No special equipment. Just your phone. We call your phone to record your questions.

  • Does the candidate hear the questions in recorded voice?

    Yes. Candidates hear your voice - so it's kinda you asking the question but will hear the answer offline.

  • How can I make the screening more effective with

    We recommend to get 2-3 questions from the hiring team. This way they can vet out the candidate without even spending time talking to them. You (recruiter) can keep your own questions for the in-person call.

  • How does the hiring team get answers to these questions?

    Once the candidate answers the questions, you are notified about it. We can also notify the hiring team as suggested by you.


  • How do candidates react to an automated call?

    We spoke to a lot of candidates. Infact, they prefer this. Why? Because, while they are at work it's difficult and awkward for them to take a recruiters' call. But with, they can provide their answers as per their convenience. No one likes to take a call sitting in the car from a parking garage!

  • What about the questions a candidate has? How can they get answers to those?

    This call is not the last step in hiring process. It's probably the first. Candidates can always reach out to you via email or ask their questions when you/ hiring manager talks to them in the process.


  • Is this an ATS?

    No. We are building the best pre-screening call experience for recruiters, hiring managers and candidates. Infact, you can use us with any ATS you currently use.

  • What if I don't use any ATS?

    You still can use us with your existing process/ tools which you have.

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